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Extended dry conditions during spring require key decisions to be made promptly on how to manage the feed requirements of livestock during the summer months. Macquarie Franklin have developed an information sheet for our clients which outline some of the options and strategies:

Strategies For Dry Seasons Information Sheet


Improving pasture productivity

Did you know that for most sheep and cattle producers, pasture utilisation is only 30% of what it could be?

Grazing management decisions are the key driver for how productive and profitable livestock businesses are. There is a considerable opportunity for most producers to increase livestock production and profitability. On average, producers who have upskilled in grazing management lift their return on assets managed by three to six times.

Learning more about how pastures grow and investing in new skills to better to graze them provides livestock producers with an opportunity to re-look at their management and lift their business performance. Click here to hear the story of two producers who have done just that; Bruce Abblitt from Fairview Dairies at Redpa and Piers Dumaresq from Mount Ireh Estate at Longford.







With funding from the Australian Government, Rural Business Tasmania and Macquarie Franklin have developed some resources to assist Tasmanian livestock producers make important feedbase management decisions:

    • Brassica Forage Crop Planner
    • Livestock Trading Calculators (sheep and beef)
    • Feed Cost Calculator

These tools are freely available and can be accessed by clicking on Grazing Management Tools_V1.1


Right here is the place to find some useful information about Macquarie Franklin’s services and capabilities.

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